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Do Time is an organization composed of ex-felons giving back to society. No one involved with Do Time has ever been a sex offender nor involved in any crimes against women or children. 

Each of our associates has at least 5 years in state prison (NY/ MA/ RI) and/or U.S. federal prison system with an average of 23 years incarceration per associate. Members are primarily out of Boston, Providence, and New York City.

We offer our time and experience in talking to at-risk youth about difficult choices in life. Some of the points discussed include:

  • Goals
  • Priorities
  • Discipline
  • Attitude
  • Value System
  • Education
Do Time members speak from real world experiences. All of us have had numerous friends and family die from violence or drug use. We also have many more friends and acquaintances still in prison. Some of them doing 15 years or more while most will be never coming home. This is not a scared straight program. Our initiative is big picture. Many of the problems young men and women experience did not happen overnight, nor will they be resolved overnight.

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Most people will tell you that you don’t want to “do time”, a reference of going to prison, but we're telling you that no matter who you are you must do time if you ever want to be successful.


The difference is where and when you do the time and on whose terms.


There are numerous ways to do time. The most prevalent is going to jail or prison. 


After spending years in prison your job prospects will be limited upon re-entry, and this dilemma could be a contributing factor of you ultimately going back to prison.


We're telling you your life is worth more than that.


If your situation is tough and life hasn’t been as kind to you as to others, then it is absolutely necessary that you be determined to do time.


Do the time. But do it in school. Do it in the library or at home. Do it with discipline; the same discipline you would have needed to go to prison except on your terms, with your future in mind. Do not let someone else’s job security be the predetermining factor of your precious life. If there’s a need to fill up the prisons then let it be done without your sacrifice.


Do the time by studying; whether in school, at home, in the library or in the park. Isolate yourself if you have to (as one would in a cell). Do your time your way. If you’re interested in music and arts then study as much as you can in that field. Or if you have dreams of working your way up through a corporation—then you must focus on whatever studies that will bring you there.


You are your own master. No one determines your worth except you. There are no predetermined scripts for anyone. Past actions do not determine your future. Change starts in the mind. Envision it first and then live it. President Obama gave an excellent speech on these topics; as he states "There is no excuse for not trying."


Life is challenging, but limitless. Achieving greatness comes at a cost. Our philosophy is:

  • Know the realities of life
  • Do not accept others pre-conceptions of you
  • Do time now
  • On your terms
  • Where you want to
  • When you want to

Prison, Early Grave or Wheelchair

As  Dr. Stephen Covey said, "Act or be acted upon." If we choose to let life's forces act on us, then ultimately our future could very well be prison, early grave or a wheelchair. Unfortunately in some cases the experience will be two out of three.

There are countless sad stories of good men not acting on life, but instead were acted upon. 

Do Time